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How do I register with MyPureYoga.com?
Complete the details under Sign Up and submit. Once registered, you can Login the next time you visit MyPureYoga.com.

How do I change my account's email address or password?
Under My Account, you can find your Account Preferences. You can change your email address, password and profile photo for your account.

Why can I not use my username?
Your preferred username may already be used by an existing MyPureYoga.com member. As each MyPureYoga.com member must have a unique username, you must create a new username upon Sign up.

How do I change my username?
Please email us and we will update it for you.

I forgot my password. How do I access my account?
Visit the ‘request a new password’ page and ask for a new password. If this does not work, please contact us and we will sort it out for you.

What are preferences?
Upon registration, you can indicate your video content preferences, such as teacher, style, class duration. By indicating your preference(s), video content will be filtered for you. You may prefer to set your preferences later. At any time, you can reset your preferences.

What type of content is available on MyPureYoga.com?
You will find yoga classes, instructions on specific poses, interviews with international yogis and other interesting personalities, teacher bios, and more. The videos are recorded at a number of locations with varied duration. And a large number of videos are in Chinese.

How do I search for videos?
MyPureYoga.com is designed to help you to search and browse videos in many different ways. You can search by using keyword(s) search at the top right corner of each page by clicking Yoga on the top menu bar, which will direct you to a filter page. You can also search by Teacher, Style, Level, Duration or Pose by clicking the dropdown menu on top of each page and search within these categories.
Related videos will be shown at the bottom of the video you select.

How do I choose the language?
For the MyPureYoga.com site language, you can select English, Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese. For the content, the videos are recorded in English or Mandarin. Videos recorded in Mandarin are denoted by .

How can I learn about new videos each week?
Sign up for our news updates to receive notifications about new videos, features, special offers, etc.
You can also connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How do I set preferences?
You can set your preferences, such as your favourite teacher, style, and class duration. Video content will be filtered for you. At any time, you can reset your preferences.

About Playlists

  1. What is Playlist?
    Playlist allows you to organise your favourite videos into your preferred sequences. Through Playlist, you can personalise your collection so you can watch your favourite videos without having to search for the content repeatedly. You can add and remove content from your Playlist any time.

  2. How do I create Playlists?
    When you view the pages, you can add any video to a Playlist by clicking “Add to Playlist”. You will be asked to “Create Playlist”. You then input the “Title” and “Description”.

  3. How do I play and manage my Playlists?
    To find playlists you have created, look under “Playlists” on the menu. Your Playlists are displayed with the Title and Description and the number of videos under each Playlist. Click the specific Playlist to see the contents. You can “Play All” or select a particular video you wish to watch. You can “Share” your Playlist with others on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, Tumbir, Sina Weibo, WeChat or WhatsApp. You can also copy the link to share. You can delete a Playlist by simply going to the specific Playlist and clicking “x”. Your Playlist will then be removed.

  4. Can I add or delete videos on my Playlists?
    You can add a video to any of your existing or newly created Playlist(s) by either clicking “Add to Playlist” at the bottom left hand of the video icon or clicking “+” at the bottom right hand of the specific video. You can delete a video from a Playlist by simply clicking on the Playlist and then clicking the “x” by the video you wish to delete. The video will then be removed.

What is “watch later”?
This function allows you to bookmark videos for future viewing.

What is History?
History shows the videos you have searched or watched recently. This acts as a reminder of what your favourite videos are, so you need not search all over again.

What are Tracks?
Our Expert Team has created collections of videos to fit a variety of themes. For example, the Beginners Track includes a mix of basic poses focusing on different body parts. By following these Series, you will be able to receive more attention and guidance during your practice.

How do I “follow”?
If you have a favourite teacher or a style, you can choose to follow them. You will be shown a feed of videos from that teacher or style whenever new, related video content is available.

Can I download videos?
Currently, all video content is available for free access and streaming only. You can use the “watch later” function to bookmark videos for future viewing.

How do I change the display?
You may control how content is shown on your homepage. Some sections are collapsible so you can choose to view content as you need. If you wish to view all the content, you can do so by expanding each area.

Can I request new videos?
We seek to constantly improve the video content. Hence, we welcome your feedback and requests. We track user trends to cater for your needs. If you wish to make any specific suggestions, please contact us at info@mypureyoga.com.

Why is my video not playing?
Please go through the following Troubleshooting Checklist:
- Does your system meet the minimum requirements?
- Is your player up-to-date?
- Have you cleared your browser history and cache?
If problems persist, please contact us at info@mypureyoga.com for assistance.

What are the minimum system requirements for viewing videos?
To watch videos, you will need Adobe Flash Player; DRM support is required.
We recommend an internet connection of 1.5MBps or higher for an optimal experience. Please click here to check your speed.
If problems persist, please contact us at info@mypureyoga.com for assistance.

How do I check if my player is up-to-date?
If you are having trouble playing videos, buffering or loading videos, your player may need to be updated.
Please click the link below to ensure that you have the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player.
Adobe Flash Player
If you still encounter problems, please either go through the Troubleshooting Checklist or contact us at info@mypureyoga.com.

How do I clear my browser history and cache?
Clearing the browsing history or the cache may help you to enjoy a smoother streaming experience.
In most computer-based web browsers, press Ctrl-Shift-Delete (Windows) or Command-Shift-Delete (Mac) to open menus used to clear your history, cookies and cache. If this does not clear the history on your browser, please search your browser's Help menu for "clear cache".
If you still encounter problems, please either go through the Troubleshooting Checklist or contact us at info@mypureyoga.com.

Why is my video buffering, skipping or stopping?
Video streaming buffer is determined by your internet connection speed. We recommend an internet connection of 1.5MBps or higher for an optimal experience. If problems persist, please contact us at info@mypureyoga.com for assistance.

Can I stream videos on my mobile device?
MyPureYoga.com is supported by Android Tablets, iPhones and iPads. We welcome suggestions of new devices which you would like to be able to stream your videos.